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Piper Malibu Mirage

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Three for All

A three-blade prop powers the Mirage's ramp appeal
by Thomas B. Haines, AOPA Pilot, March 1998

The Piper Malibu Mirage has always filled the bill in performance and looks, but despite the model's 350-horsepower engine and long wing, one of the most visible indicators of big boost under the bonnet has always been missing: a three-blade propeller. The aftermarket marketers discovered nearly a decade ago that the sex appeal of three-blade propellers was almost too much for pilots to resist.
-Off site review.

Piper Malibu Mirage

Turboprop-like performance and comfort at a fraction of the price
by Thomas A. Horne, AOPA Pilot, June 1995

The Piper Malibu Mirage is as close as you can come to a "no excuses" piston single. Its 350-horsepower Lycoming TIO-540 engine lets you cruise at altitudes up to 25,000 feet and true airspeeds as fast as 225 knots. With a full load of fuel and a long-range cruise power setting, Piper claims the Mirage can fly three people about 1,450 nautical miles and land with IFR fuel reserves. At high-speed cruise, maximum range is a respectable 980 nm.
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Piper Mirage: Pistons, Pressure and Class

The most comfortable piston single in the sky
by Bill Cox, Plane & Pilot Magazine

Today’s Mirage retains all of the talent that made those early Malibu/Mirage PA46s so popular, but now with the addition of a to-die-for avionics suite. The Avidyne FlightMax Entegra, one of the magic systems currently on the market, comes standard on all new Mirages.
-Off site review.

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