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Murphy Elite

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Murphy Aircraft Elite

Turning the conceptual corner from Murphy's taildragger Rebel to the trigear Elite
by Marc E. Cook, AOPA Pilot Archives, June 1996

Everything you need to know about Murphy Aircraft's design philosophy can be found in the shape of the instrument panel. As employed in the taildragger Rebel and the new trigear Elite, the panel comes from sheet aluminum stock, creased and folded in but a few places. The glareshield, such as it is, comes from an equally flat source and is cut to fit just behind the windshield. You won't find wood trim or faux carbon fiber gracing this panel, nor will you hear apologies from the factory for its unorganic shape. It is what it is: a place for instruments and switches, intended to be easy to build, fill with expensive bits, and maintain. Period.
-Off site review.

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