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Piper Cherokee 140/180

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Honest Cherokees

Son of Tri-Pacer, mother of modern Pipers, and still a good buy
by Alton K. Marsh, AOPA Pilot, December 1999

Tim Averett, an airline pilot, bought a 180-horsepower 1966 Cherokee 180 in 1994, and he's still smiling every time he departs Baltimore's Martin State Airport. That's because the performance of his 1966 aircraft — due to differences in airframe and equipment — at least meets and sometimes exceeds standard specifications for a New Piper Archer III. OK, maybe it's not a fair comparison, but he's still smiling.
-Off site review.

An Enthusiastic Cherokee

Maybe it isn’t the fastest 140 in the world…but then again it might be
by Bill Cox, Plane & Pilot Magazine

The very nature of Cherokee 140s wouldn’t seem to lend itself to speed. After all, the airplane made its reputation based on a docile stall and some of general aviation’s most benign flying qualities. The littlest Cherokees have always been regarded as among the gentlest of trainers, so universally respected for their predictable manners that some instructors actually criticize them for being too easy to fly.
-Off site review.

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