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Rich Media & Banners

What to Expect:

ClassG's Rich Media Advertising (RMA) helps you connect with targeted audiences by delivering visually powerful and truly engaging interactive experiences across devices and across platforms. Rich Media Advertising significantly increases brand awareness, purchase intent and outperforms your competitors by creating unparalleled brand experiences on the Web.

Branding On the Internet

The Internet offers excellent branding opportunities that traditional advertising does not, such as precision targeting, visually compelling content, brand engagement, viral distribution, and improved metrics. The ubiquity of the Web has thoroughly blurred the lines between brand advertising and direct response advertising. Consumers now expect to interact - to make choices, talk back, save ads for later, send things to friends, embed widgets and video, and actively connect with content and brands.

The Advertising business is changing fast. The old rules no longer apply. With the growth of new emerging media channels and new technology on the Web, Advertising clients expect more from their online advertising campaigns. They expect to have at their disposal the latest technology and tools to create innovative, interactive, rich media content that outperforms everything that's come before. Take advantage of banners and Rich Media Advertising (RMA) to build your brand and company awareness with buyers.

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