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Acronym Glossary

Acronym Definition
A & E Airframe and Engine
AAI Angle of Approach Indicator
A&P Airframe and Power Plant
AAS Advanced Automation System
A/B Afterburner
A/C Air-Conditioning
ACARS Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System
acft Aircraft
actuat Actuating
AD Airworthiness Directive
ADF Automatic Direction Finder
ADI Attitude Director Indicator
ADS Air Data System
A/F Air-to-Fuel Ratio
AF&E Airframe and Engine
AFM Aircraft Flight Manual
AFR Actual Fuel Remaining
AGB Accessory Gearbox
AH Artificial Horizon
AI Attitude Indicator
AIT Auto Ignition Temperature
alky Alcohol
ALSTG Altimeter Setting
alt Altimeter
AM Amplitude Modulation
amp Ampere
AMT Aviation Maintenance Technician
ant Antenna
anten Antenna
AOA Angle of Attack
AP Audio Panel
AP Autopilot
A/P Autopilot
APFD Autopilot Flight Director
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
ARFF Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Equipment
ASI Airspeed Indicator
ATE Automatic Test Equipment
ATP Air Transport Pilot
aux Auxiliary
aw Airworthiness
AWR Airborne Weather Radar
B Battery
bag Baggage
bat Battery
bcn Beacon
bdcst Broadcast
BFO Beat Frequency Oscillator
BGI Basic Ground Instructor
BHP Brake Horsepower
BITE Built-in Test Equipment
blkd Bulkhead
blks Blocks
BMEP Brake Mean Effective Pressure
BOW Basid Operating Weight
BPR Bypass Ratio
BSFC Brake Specific Fuel Consumption
BVOR Broadcast VOR
CAFE Corporate Average Fuel Economy
carb Carberetor
CAS Calibrated Airspeed
CAS Collision Avoidance System
CAS Computed Airspeed
CAT Carburetor Air Temperature
CB Circuit Breaker
CC Courtesy Car
CDI Course Deviation Indicator
CDP Compressor Discharge Pressure
CDT Compressor Discharge Temperature
CDU Control Display Unit
Cec Ceconite (fabric)
Cent. "Century (III, etc.)"
CFCF Central Flow Control Function
CFI Certified Flight Instructor
CFM Cubic Feet per Minute
Ch Channel
CHT Cylinder Head Temperature
CIP Compressor Inlet Pressure
CIT Combustor Inlet Temperature
CIT Compressor Inlet Temperature
CKI Certified Known Icing
Com Communications
COMLO Compass Locator
comp Composite
compr Compression
Cont Continental (engine)
cont Control(s)
CPR Compressor Discharge Ratio (Pressure)
CPU Central Processing Unit
C/R Counter Rotating
CRM Cockpit Resource Management
CRM Crew Resource Management
CRS Certified Repair Station
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
CSFC Cruise Specific Fuel Consumption
CT Carburetor Temperature
cyl Cylinder
D Dual Wheel (landing gear)
DDT Double Dual-Tandem (landing gear)
DF Direction Finder
DG Directional Gyro
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
DME/P Precision Distance Measuring Equipment
DRC Direct Read Compass
DT Dual-Tandem (landing gear)
E/S Engine Speed
EADI Electronic Attitude Direction Indicator
ECS Environmental Control System
ECU Electronic Control Unit
EEC Electronic Engine Control
EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System
EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature
EHSI Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator
EICAS Engine Indication & Crew Alert System
elec Electric
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
enc Encoder(ing)
eng Engine(s)
EOBT Estimated Off-Block Time
EOW Empty Operating Weight
EPR Engine Pressure Ratio
EPU Emergency Power Unit
ESHP Equivalent Shaft Horsepower
EVC Engine Vane Control
exc Excellent
exec Executive
exh Exhaust
F/A Fuel-to-Air Ratio
F/D Flight Director
fac rmfd Factory remanufactured
FBW Fly by Wire
FCU Fuel Control Unit
FD Flight Director(y)
FF Fuel Flow
FG Fixed Gear
FGP Full Gyro Panel
FI Fuel Injected
FIA Flight Instructor- Airplane
FREM Factory Remanufactured
FWF Firewall Forward
G/S Glide Slope
G Generator
GCESS Ground Clearance Energy Saver Switch
gen Generator
GNS Global Navigation System
GPH Gallons per Hour
GPM Gallons per Minute
GPS Global Positioning System
GPU Ground Power Unit
GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System
GR Glide Ratio
GS Glidescope
GS Ground Speed
GSP Ground Service Plug
gyro Gyroscope
HC Heavy Case
HDF High Frequency Direction Finder
HF High Frequency
HP Heated Pilot
HP High Performance
HP Horsepower
HP Hot Prop
HPC High Pressure Compressor
HPT High Pressure Turbine
HSI Horizontal Situation Indicator
HSI Hot Section Inspection
HUD Head Up Display
I Injected
IBN Identification Beacon
IC Integrated Circuits
IC Internal Combustion
ICO Idle Cutoff
IFR Instrument Flight Rating
ILS Instrument Landing System
inop Inoperative
inst Instrument(s)
int Interior
inter Interior
IRAN Inspect. Repair As Necessary
ITC Investment Tax Credit
JATO Jet Assisted Take-Off
K Knot
K-Ice Known Icing
kt Knot(s)
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
ldg Landing
LE Left Engine
LED Light Emitting Diode
LMB Light Marker Beacon
LOC Localizer
Loran Long Range Navigation
LR Long Range
lrn Loran
LRNAV Long-Range Navigation
LRR Long-Range Radar
LRT Long Range Tanks
Lyc Lycoming (engine)
MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure
MB Marker Beacon
MDH Major Damage History
ME Multi-Engine
MFD Multifunctional Display
MP Manifold Pressure
MSP Maintenance Service Plan
nav Navigation
ND No Damage
NDB Nondirectional Beacon
NDH No Damage History
NM Nautical Miles
Nav Navigation Radio Receiver
OAT Outside Air Temperature
OBS Omnibearing Selector
OH Overhaul
oxy Oxygen
P Piston
P Pitot
P&W Pratt & Whitney (engine manufacturer)
PBH Power by the hour
PC Positive Control
PEP Piper External Power
PET Piper Electric Trim
pkg Package
POH Pilots Operating Handbook
POM Pilots Operating Manual
PTT Push to Talk
R Radar
RA Radio Altimeter
RAI Runway Alignment Indicator
RB Rotating Beacon
RC Rate of Climb
rcvr Receiver
RDF Radio Direction Finder
RE Right Engine
recip Reciprocating
retr Retractable
RFM Rotorcraft Flight Manual
RG Retractable Gear
RMI Radio Magnetic Indicator
RNAV Area Navigation
S/N Serial Number
S Strobe(s)
SB's Service Bulletins
SCMOH Since Chrome Major Overhaul
SCTOH Since Chrome Top Overhaul
SE Single Engine
SECRA Secondary Radar
SFRMN Since Factory Remanufactured
SHP Shaft Horsepower
SHS Since Hot Section
SI Spark Ignited
SIT Self-Ignition Temperature
SMOH Since Major Overhaul
SN Serial Number
snd proof Sound proofing
SNEW Since New
SOH Since Overhaul
SPOH Since Prop Overhaul
STC Supplemental Type Certificate
STOH Since Top Overhaul
STOL Short Take-Off and Landing
STOP Since Top Overhaul
surf Surface(s)
SW Stall Warning
T Turboprop
T&B Turn and Bank
tach Tachometer
TBO Time Between Overhaul
TC Turbocharger
TC Type Certificate
TCA Terminal Control Area
TET Turbine Exhaust Temperature
T/F Turbofan
TGT Turbine Gas Temperature
THP Thrust Horsepower
TIP Turbine Inlet Pressure
TIT Turbine Inlet Temperature
T/J Turbojet
TOP Turbine Outlet Pressure
TOT Turbine Outlet Temperature
T/P Transponder
T/S Turboshaft
TT Total Time
TTAE Total Time Aircraft Engine
TTAF Total Time Aircraft Frame
TTSN Total Time Since New
TW Tail wheel
txp Transponder
txpdr Transponder
UHF Ultra High Frequency
vac Vacuum
VHF Very High Frequency
VI Viscosity Index
VLF Very Low Frequency
VOR VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range
VOR/DME Collocated VOR and Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Navigational Aids
VR Voltage Regulator
w/ With
w/o Without
WAC With Approved Credit
W/S Windshield
xpdr Transponder
xpnd Transponder
xpndr Transponder

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