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At ClassG we feel that finding and buying aircraft should be as exciting as flying them. Through our interactive tools, searching for and buying an aircraft will be easy and exciting. Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned owner, ClassG provides the tools and information you need.

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  Track aircraft you're interested in
  Save listings in a favorites list
  Do side-by-side comparisons of aircraft specs and you favorite listings
  Gain access to performance specs & aircraft reviews
  Receive notifications of new & updated listings
  Buying, Financing & Maintenance tips
  Download Forms & Checklists
  Write aircraft reviews for others to read
  And More

If you're not sure what aircraft you want...

What if the aircraft you need must be able to land and take off on 2,000 feet of runway, cruise at a speed of 170 knots and carry 6 adults? Fully fueled? This is where our advanced search features come into play.

Search by the number of seats you need, take off and landing distances, cruise speeds, useful load, engine type, service ceiling, range, price, total airframe time, engine time, and more.

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