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About ClassG

About ClassG

ClassG is an interactive and informative source for general aviation aircraft listings, acquisition information and aircraft sales market information.

The Advertising business is changing fast. The old rules no longer apply. With the growth of new emerging media channels and new technology on the Web, Advertising clients expect more from their advertising campaigns. They expect to have at their disposal the latest technology, information and tools to create innovative, interactive and exciting messages that outperform everything that's come before.

Our Mission is to make the advertising of aircraft and acquisition services, the gathering of information and the delivery of such information faster, more efficient, more convenient and less expensive.

For Aircraft Buyers

When searching for an aircraft, nothing compares to the ease of gathering the information you need to find the aircraft you want to fly. We provide detailed aircraft specs and performance information, aircraft reviews, side-by-side comparison tools, photo galleries, videos, unbiased editorial content and a large selection of new and used aircraft inventory.

By becoming a registered user with a MyWings account, buyers can create customized searches and wish lists to use in searching for, and comparing aircraft for sale, track aircraft they are interested in, download forms and checklists, and quickly find FAA and other aircraft purchase and ownership information.

For Aircraft Sellers / Service Providers

We provide aircraft sellers and aviation service providers greater control over their advertising, access to better qualified buyers and real time market information, greatly reducing the sales timeline and costs involved. With real time sales leads and information on industry trends, such as sales price compared to list price, time on market, financing method, market statistics and market inventory, etc. All of this information that can be broken down even further, aircraft sellers, manufacturers and service providers can make better decisions for their business.


ClassG was founded by Gregory Smith and is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Greg has been a pilot for over a decade and is a CFI, CFII, MEI. In 2006 Greg earned an MBA from the University of Utah. Greg has spent most of his professional life as a salesman in the financial and real estate industries and has held Series 7 & 66 securities licenses as well as Utah State Realtor and Mortgage Loan Officer licenses.

ClassG came about because of the frustration many aircraft buyers experience when trying to find the information needed in choosing a suitable aircraft. Greg felt like print and online listings were great at telling a prospective buyer about that specific aircaft, but they didn't tell him if that was even the right aircraft for what he wanted. "I quickly learned that finding the information needed to make a good purchase decision has been much more difficult than it should be. Most other aircraft marketing publications assume the buyer knows which aircraft they need without providing the resources to help them make that determination. The Mission of ClassG is to be the international portal for researching, buying, and selling aircraft by making the process easier, faster and smarter in finding the aircraft you WANT to fly."

ClassG and MyWings are registered
service marks of ClassG, LLC.